Veterans invited to health expo on May 18 The Oregon Department of Veterans’ Affairs’ second annual Veteran Benefit Expo will be held Sept. 8 at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Portland. The event brings together close to 100.

The U.S. will deploy 1,500 additional troops and military equipment to the Middle East, as well as sell additional arms to Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates.

U.S. may deploy more weapons to the Middle East. – May 24, 2019. To respond to Iran, U.S. will deploy more troops and sell more weapons to Middle East. The Trump administration took two significant steps Friday to counter what it calls an escalated threat level from Iran. The U.S. will deploy 1,500 additional troops and military equipment to the.

U.S. deploys 1,500 troops to Middle East, blames Iran for tanker attacks Phil Stewart, Idrees Ali, Roberta Rampton MAY 24, 2019 WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The United States announced on Friday the deployment of 1,500 troops to the Middle East, describing it as an effort to bolster defenses against Iran as it accused the country’s Revolutionary Guards of direct responsibility for this month’s.

 · Prior to Allawi’s comments, U.S. national security adviser John Bolton alleged that Iran was planning to attack the American forces in the Middle East. Bolton then announced that the U.S. aircraft carrier, the USS Abraham Lincoln, was heading the Persian Gulf to send a message to Iran.

The Nation’s Housing: Lenders opening doors to a wider swath of homebuyers Cartwright introduces veterans prosthetics legislation trump administration breaks campaign promise, purges 200,000 VA healthcare applications Building the American Dream: HUD accomplishments fact sheet Increase Homeownership. Announced the goal of creating 5.5 million new minority homeowners by 2010 and unveiled America’s Homeownership Challenge, which calls on the public and the private sectors to work together to achieve this goal.

 · Why is America Hated in the Middle East The following is an article from . It is an article looking at some of the deeper.

DUBAI, May 25 (Reuters) – Iranian Foreign minister mohammad javad zarif said on Saturday that the U.S. decision to deploy more troops to the Middle East in. worth of weapons to Saudi Arabia. The Pentagon has dispatched four B-52 heavy bombers to the Middle East, in response to an alleged Iranian threat against U.S. forces in the region.

DOD is sending more ISR aircraft and another fighter squadron to the Middle East as part of a deployment. A three-man weapons load team from the 380th Expeditionary. Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan announced May 24.. “The additional deployment to the US Central Command area of.

The plan reportedly called for the deployment in the event that Iran either attacks US forces or ramps up its nuclear-weapons program.. deploy 120,000 troops to the Middle East as tensions with.

Cartwright introduces veterans prosthetics legislation

 · Yet the U.S. faces more threats in more places than at any time since the Cold War, according to U.S. intelligence.. middle east specialist at.

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